Elephant Stew

Elephant Stew

(Here’s something fun for the summer lol)

This dish takes about 2 to 3 months to prepare.


1 Elephant

10 Warthogs (or rabbits if less people are coming but remember most people don’t like hare in their soup)

100 pounds tomatoes

half ton potatoes

2 bags onions

10 pounds salt

1 wheelbarrow carrots and celery.

10 liters vinegar

40 liters brown gravy

4 chickens




Cut elephant into edible chunks, (this will take about a month to do depending on size.) Now boil elephant chunks over high flames until tender. (It will take about 4 weeks.) Cut up and debone warthogs or rabbits. Boil the warthog or rabbits with other ingredients until nice and juicy. Hang chickens and defeather them being careful to get all feathers off. Leave feet and heads on chickens for added taste. Boil for another 5 to 7 days.

Produces about 3,500 helpings.

Note: If the above isn’t enough, add raw crickets the protein is filling.

Recipe jokes that people might really try. Love the humor of this one.