Watched by a ghost

 10409206_10207660953351280_7659900991420311706_n (236x420)

Living among the dead.

We all know ghostly spirits are out there, but do they know they are dead?

I have always believed in ghost after an experience as a child and later as a teen and adult but I’ve never caught an image on camera such as this one. While waiting on the school bus with my grandkids the other morning I had the eerie feeling we weren’t alone, it wasn’t the first time I had taken a picture in the dark at the same spot but this was bone chilling.

The other pictures were mere floating dust particles and a red eye from a rabbit. This picture however looks to be that of a person leaning on their hand staring at us. (The picture taken from the driver seat, over the dash to the right.) I enhanced the picture in a blue hue so it can be seen better. Some people, paranormal investigators as well, have said it looks like a woman with dark hair. Her hand to her chin, you can almost see fingertips and others have said it looks like a person with their head titled slightly in the same position, with their hand to their chin, the other arm lying on top of the hood of the car. There were three photos taken at the time of this image, the other two images showed nothing. Once the bus came, I hurried back up the driveway and into the house, where I shut and locked the door. Chills crept up my spine the rest of the day. The next morning I embraced the kids, along with a bb gun for protection. Okay don’t laugh my bb gun is powerful and loud, not that it would hurt the ‘thing’ but I felt safe.

As for the body buried under the house, well…, that reminds to be “seen,” I for one don’t want to conjure up any more evils that already exist on the property.



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