Hidden messages in books

As adults we struggle with daily life, relationships, jobs and such. For some of us the struggles start early. Memories of bumps in the night. Scary shadows and mean people. No matter where we came from or what our life was like as children we make choices that lead us on a path. Not always the right path but it’s still a path in life and like words that we can’t take back once spoken, we can’t walk backwards and erase the past.

We look for strength to move forward. Perhaps it’s though friends, parents, siblings, church, within ourselves or books. I wrote several hidden messages in The Eye of Lies. Have you deciphered any of them? If you’ve read the book then you might have noticed  numbers and quotes. (I’m not a numerologist but do believe in the meaning to numbers) When writing the book I connected with my characters closely.  Especially Journey, she became my hero.

An abused child, she held her head high and did what she could to survive. But it was the faith she had deep within her soul that kept her going each and everyday. In the story I added hidden meanings that helped make her a strong woman. Sometimes we as people over look the every day meaning to life. We wonder why GOD put us where we are today and what’s in store for us, even through bad times.

As most authors there’s more to a book then just a story, there’s messages. We read and put the books down, not giving it much thought as to why they wrote the book. What inspired the story. (Fiction) We fall in love with characters, the story line or scenes.

Like in the new movie Annie my favorite scene is when they fly over New York City in a helicopter. (Now added to my bucket list of things to do. lol) But it wasn’t just the scene, it was the message that was conveyed.

Next time you read a book take a minute and reflect on the meaning of the words. The dialogue of the characters and what the story meant to you, either as a writer or a reader.



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