Predicting a story ending

Don’cha just hate when TV. series ends with a cliffhanger. But that’s how the producers keep you coming back to watch the next season.

Same with books, the writer hooks you in with a page-turner, toss in some twist and finally when you think you have it figured out they throw in something unexpected.

Truthfully I hate reading a book or watching a movie or TV show and predict what’s about to happen.

It makes for a boring story. Same story different characters.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen or read something that WOWED me.

I have to admit thought that I watched the new hit show Secret and Lies-Cordele Confidential. It kept me hooked through the whole season but I knew from the first episode that it was little Abby that killed Tom. It was after all, predictable. Abby played a minor part that gave out big clues whilst bringing in other characters to throw off the story and keep you guesting at who done it. The show was great and I’d watch another season. With that said, I’ve been jotting notes for the next book in what I thought was the end of a story. My readers told me otherwise. After The Eye of Lies, released in October 2014, I’ve received numerous requests for more. My reaction was “more of what?”

My readers loved the twist and on the edge story that kept most of them from putting the book down. The ending of the book was unpredictable. The story was unpredictable and the characters, well, they fell in love with them.

I had not intended on writing another book to go with the first but per the request I’ve sat down and looked back on my notes to see where I could wavier from some leads and create another story. I surprised myself, saw that even a few of my minor characters could create action, and become major contributors to a storyline. Making the story, well, not so predictable.

(Rubbing my hands together scheming up another twisted mystery of thrills.)

Oh, and after watching a show last night with my daughter I was told I could not watch T.V with her anymore because I ruin it by predicting the ending, (sigh) she says I am always right. Lol


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