Death before birth

Before I wrote the Eye of Lies I had to create a main character for the story. I was asked by my instructor to first write the obituary of the character. Now how do you do that before you even know what you’re writing about? It was actually easier then I had thought. I created the person (female) and wrote about her life as I would have thought my female MC would be. From birth to death. I pulled apart her life, added the good things, job, school favorite foods, places, parents, and siblings. Where she lived and so on. By the time I was done I had the making of her profile and the beginning of a “friendship” she had become my favorite character. I created her life and it was a journey.  So as I revised the story, once I wrote it, I changed her name.

She became a character of inspiration and strength.  As people read the story they related very well to her and liked her as much as I did. Who knew you could create such an awesome character by burying them before they are even born. Lol


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