Heaven, Purgatory and Hell

Purgatory design

No matter what, the sun will rise and another day goes forth. There are times we are stuck in purgatory between Heaven and Hell, with decisions, choices, and life in general. It’s hard to think about tomorrow when the past can’t move forward.

Routine as the days may become we have to decide if purgatory is a place, we want to be. Do we stand still and let the past swallow our feet like the sand under a wave? Or, do we step forward and look into the sunset and make the choice of tomorrow? A new day, a better day. We don’t have to drag the past into the future. Every minute of every day is a choice to breathe, a choice to live and make changes to our lives. It’s a new beginning to the end.

It doesn’t take money, it doesn’t take friends or family or a new job. It takes the decision to move forward on your own, in your own way and mind.

The most successful people are the ones that make the change that matter the most to themselves. YOU.


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