It’s all in the Words of Inspiration

     Very touched. When you write a story, you have no idea what kind of impact it will have on another person’s life. When I wrote my the book The Eye of Lies,  I not only wrote about the destruction of one girls life, but I wrote the inspiration of strength. Faith, and willingness to overcome the wicked of evils. To build a better life from abuse.

Self-worth is more powerful than anything else is in the world. The book has only been out for a few months and I’ve gotten great feedback from people who had been in the shoes of my character. They let the hurt in their life keep them at their lows until they read about a girl who didn’t. It makes me so proud knowing that I, who only thought I wrote a story, inspired other people through the words of a book, to become stronger and grab that strength to grow. Life is about choices, sometimes the choices are made for you and no matter how hard you try to change them, you are controlled by others. It doesn’t have to be that way. It’s up to you.



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