The Eye of Lies

When I began to write The Eye of Lies I had no real plan of what the story was going to be like. For more than twenty years I had the same dream night after night. For some reason the dream just stopped in my early twenties. But it still haunted me. I often thought of the dream and wondered what it meant, who were the people in it and why I’d dreamt such terrible dreams. Still today at the age of fifty I have night terrors about murder and people I don’t know. So when I was asked to write a short story the only thing I could think of was my dream. So there it began, the root of my first novel. As days passed by and into weeks and months I realized I wrote the story I needed to read, the story of strength from a girl whose dreams were haunting her. Unlike me, she found a resolution and the truth behind the secrets a town had hidden from her.

The Eye of Lies Flier with links

Earlier this month I posted the first chapter ~ Christmas~ from The Eye of Lies on my blog. Titled – A memory of Christmas. If you’re interested in reading what happened to the little girl whose parents were killed, and the girl whose dreams haunt her waking hours, you can download the book for free from Amazon.

Or you can preview the first two chapters at Createspace before you download.


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