Copycat writers? -The thief of a novel

As I was reading some articles yesterday, I came across something interesting. A guy shared his secret to success. He wrote about how he produces a novel a month and makes boo-coo bucks.

I read on. He explained how he goes on several top selling book web sites, such as Amazon, B & N etc. He finds the top selling books in all genres, (because this is what people are buying, right?) He buys the kindle version, changes things up a bit. (Characters, race, places, title, some background and a little bit of the storyline.)

Then he turns around and sells the books as his own with paid reviews to boost his books to the top where people will see them. BOOM, Bucks roll in.

WOW, what a genius right? NOT. I’d call him a thief. Most likely, the original Author will never see this copycat novel unless somebody points it out and calls out the guy. I know I have read several novels by different Authors with similar storylines. Umm, I wonder, could one of them been a mock of the other?


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