Newest novel

30 pages and 7,479 words later, which doesn’t seem like much but when you’ve rewritten the same story 7 times over the course of a month, it’s a lot. The direction of the newest novel Deceptive Secrets has changed, once again. And it’s all good, I hope. When writing a new story you never know what kind of direction it will go. Point of view in first person vs third or a mix of both. The plot, the story, and the characters. What is the evils of the antagonist vs the protagonist? Will there be twist, challenges? What kind of genre do I really want this novel to be? Decisions. What really matters is the message behind the story of Deceptive Secrets. Although fiction the base of the story is from actual events told to me from close friends. With their permission, their stories were collaborated into the life of a young woman, told from a narrator’s point of view because secrets of the dead can’t speak.

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