How the title for The Eye of Lies came about

So I talked about writing the book, The Eye of Lies,  and how it came about, but there’s a story of how the title came about too.

I love to sketch. I carried a drawing pad with me everywhere, so while waiting in my car one day I picked up the sketchpad, and pencil, and started to draw an eyeball. I had no plans for it but I liked where it was going. (As you can tell I never have plans for things, I go with the flow)
Over the next few days, I doodled with it. When I felt it was finished, and yes, I was in the car again, I held it up and looked at it at different angels. I noticed a shadow from the car window cast a pale green hue across the cheek area, like a veil. I loved what I saw so I snapped a picture with my little old cell phone and tucked it away. Forgotten for nearly a year.

While scrolling through my phone one day I came across the sketch and the words, eye of lies, struck me. Um, that was weird. I looked at it for a long time wondering why I’d think that.
To me, the eye had a story to tell. A story of a young girl who saw something maybe she shouldn’t have. Something sinister. An act of rage, violence, murder. I saw in my mind’s eye a story to tell. One about a girl who believed in herself enough that even the most hateful of evils couldn’t break her faith and spirit. She was a strong person. Behind that eye of lies, lays a woman of strength. Everyone tells a lie, once in a while, but when the eye of a storm is strong enough to create destruction, then the eye of a lie must be just as devastating.

But again, I tucked it away and forgot about it.
Until that writing class and the short story of those 100 words . I thought of the drawing and again the words eye of lies, came to me. So with those words, the drawing, and that of my childhood dream the story was written and I titled the book, The Eye of Lies.


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